Andie Grande


My current work revolves around two materials, the sisal fibre and the synthetic fibre. While stripping the former of its common connotation of wrapping string, I integrate the latter ‘junk’ fibre so as to bring out their aesthetic potential. With both materials, the organic and the synthetic, I divert them from a useful role to an existential reality – the never ending transformation of matter.

In keeping with the organic process of nature, I wind and unwind the sisal string to explore other facets. As for the synthetic fibre, I heat and cool to make it malleable. The challenge for me is to produce a woven piece of work using the organic and the synthetic fibre without fusing them. I focus on enhancing their uniqueness so as to allow their opposing natures to co-exist, unfold and complement each other. I aim to create a harmonious union through the process of differentiation.